Forest Land Transfer

A Forest Land Transfer (FLT) program for Oregon’s State Forests lands will help reduce the conflict between economic, social, and environmental values on state land. The FLT program would enable identification of State Forest lands with limited performance potential as revenue generating assets or that provide high value recreation or conservation benefits for long-term protection. The FLT program would create a mechanism for disconnecting state-owned forests from the revenue obligation to counties and schools. A similar program was created for Common School Lands in the 2017 Oregon legislature via SB 847, which was sponsored by Senator Roblan. Additionally, Washington State has had such a program that has appropriated over $850 million since 1989 to decouple state forests from revenue obligations, while compensating schools.

Supporters (including Wild Salmon Center and OO) are working to strengthen support for the the bill and will consider introductions of a revised legislative proposal for the 2020 Legislative Session.