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Through education and advocacy, Oregon Outdoors is focusing on three priorities:

  1. Ensuring Oregon has the adequate state and federal FUNDING necessary to maintain and sustainably grow its world-class outdoor recreation infrastructure.
  2. Conserving and preserving Oregon's outdoor PLACES while ensuring maintained public access and broad public benefit.
  3. Supporting policies and partnerships that engage and inspire all of Oregon's PEOPLE to experience Oregon outdoor places in order to foster the next generation of Oregon's outdoor advocates.

Current Oregon Outdoors Priorities

State Priorities

Waterways Access

2019 Legislative Session

Forest Land Transfer Program

2019 Legislative Session

Oregon Conservation and Recreation Fund

2019 Legislative Session

Search & Rescue Funding

2019 Legislative Session

OPRD Budget

2019 Legislative Session

Federal Priorities

Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)


Restore Our Parks and Public Lands


Updates coming soon…


Prior initiatives supported by Oregon Outdoors


Oregon Outdoor Recreation Day


Office of Outdoor Recreation