Sustaining 171,000 jobs and generating $16.4 billion Annually in Oregon



Oregon's Recreation Movement

Oregon Outdoors is the only coalition comprised of the outdoor recreation industry, non-profit recreation groups and conservation organizations focused on advocating for the maintenance and expansion of Oregon’s outdoor assets. But we are not the only group to recognize the significant economic impact of our expansive and varied recreation opportunities and our strong outdoor business community. Interest in growing the recreation economy - through increased access, inclusive and equitable efforts to expand engagement, and a welcoming business environment for outdoor companies – has led to a number of initiatives in the State. These efforts are evidence that an outdoor recreation movement is underway in Oregon, and a clear indication of support for expanding access to the outdoors and new investments in recreational infrastructure.

Oregon Outdoors seeks to partner, support, or otherwise collaborate on initiatives with complementary goals. Through open and inclusive communication, we are committed to adding strength to the outdoor recreation movement in Oregon – supporting and amplifying the good work of others, and acting as unified voice for recreation in the Legislature and Congress.