Oregon Conservation and Recreation Fund (OCRF)

PASSED! - HB 2829 created the OCRF as a fund in Treasury that is separate from the General Fund, with the purpose “to protect, maintain and enhance fish and wildlife resources in Oregon…”. The bill also establishes the Oregon Conservation and Recreation Advisory Commission (under the F&W Commission) to make recommendations on use of OCRF dollars.  The bill provides a mechanism for Oregon to match an estimated $52M/biennium in Federal funding for non-game species conservation from passage of the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act in Congress (H.R. 3742).

OO and OO members worked with Rep. Helm’s office to shape and advocate for this bill throughout the legislative process.  Amendments reduced the total appropriations for the OCRF to $1 million with funding to be made available should non-State matching funds be deposited into the account.

OO is now working with ODFW and other partners to ensure the required matching funds are identified and that the funds are applied to projects benefitting non-game species and benefit a range of wildlife-dependent recreation opportunities.