Oregon Wildlands Act (S. 1548)

This bill (introduced by OR Sen. Ron Wyden) includes a number for designations for lands and waters in Oregon, including:

  • Designates specified Bureau of Land Management land in Oregon as the Rogue Canyon and Molalla National Recreation Areas in Oregon. 

  • The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act is amended to add specified segments to the Rogue River as components of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System. 

  • Segment lengths and other technical corrections are made to segment designations for the Chetco River, Oregon. 

  • The Squaw Creek is renamed as “Whychus Creek.”

  • The bill designates specified segments of: (1) Franklin and Wasson Creeks as wild rivers and components of the Wild and Scenic Rivers System, and (2) the Molalla River as a recreational river and components of such system. 

  • Specified segments are added to the Elk River, and specified other river segments are designated as components of such system. 

  • Approximately 56,100 acres of specified federal land are added to the Wild Rogue Wilderness, as well as approximately 600 acres of certain potential wilderness administered by the Department of the Interior. Interior shall manage approximately 4,000 acres of Withdrawal Area to preserve the natural and primitive character of the land for recreational, scenic, and scientific use. 

  • Approximately 30,540 acres of certain Forest Service and BLM land in Oregon are designated as the Devil's Staircase Wilderness and a component of the National Wilderness Preservation System.

More Information on HR 1548.

OO Letter sent to Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee in support of the Oregon Wildlands Act (and other bills).